Tracking Threats to Content on P2P Networks

P2P continues to be one of the biggest sources of content theft online. That’s a huge problem for the industry, because it amounts to millions, if not billions in lost revenue when the content is simply stolen. However, there are companies fighting to make this a thing of the past, like CEG TEK International.

The unique proprietary software format that they’ve been utilizing has been instrumental for helping to protect content online for some time now. They’ve come up with a system that consists of software that is able to seek out a particular type of file, image, music, video, etc anywhere that it appears online.

The software is able to crawl the internet, as well as various P2P networks like Bittorrent to find all of the instances of that content being used. Thereby enabling them to track usage, and the IPs associated with illegally distributing that content. Through this system, they are able to actually determine who is spreading content around illegally, and they’re able to put a stop to that as well.

CEG TEK International Highlights The Importance of Internet Protection

While you may not have heard of CEG TEK International, they provide an essential online service to those in need. What they provide is a way for companies to protect against copyright infringement online.

There are two ways that they can provide this service. Number one being, tracking activity online. Stopping piracy is more important than ever now, because of the rampant piracy that is found online. Currently, millions of unique users illegally download movies and music every day.

CEG TEK International fights against this by tracking the information, but also providing DMCA notices to those that do illegally download content. This way they help to stop the people illegally downloading, and providing the content to others.

CEG TEK International is one of the biggest companies currently operating on the market, and they provide assistance and support to nameless other companies online. But they are also renown for their accurate reporting about the current state of piracy.

Many people go to them for reports about which movies are being pirated the most, and which music. But they also track things like the spikes in content during certain seasons, as well as how many people are actively stealing after awards shows.

Numbers that do help to gauge the problem, but can even help to gauge public interest. Not all piracy is bad, and oftentimes it’s useful for determining how interested the public might be in a certain movie or franchise.

CEG TEK International Helps Out Smaller Content Producers

The biggest problem facing content producers today, is keeping others from stealing said content. If you’re a musician, the industry has almost been completely ruined with the advent of P2P sharing programs. Now albums that would sell into the tens of millions, or barely cracking 1 or 2 million. But CEG TEK International is making great strides towards evening the odds.

The interesting thing about CEG opposed to other companies that have come before them, is the unique nature in which their software is meant to function.

They have a totally automated system that makes it significantly easier for them to track content, and find the source of the leak in the first place.

Then, again through the automated services, they are able to send out emails declaring that the content be taken down under threat of legal action. Mainly it’s about the scare factor, giving them a reason to take down your content, and stop sharing it period.

Plus the services are very affordable. Because CEG TEK International gives you these services in a more unique automated way, they are able to keep them significantly cheaper than other companies. That’s advantageous for the little guy, because it makes it that much cheaper and easier to protect your own content.